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Deb's del.icio.us scholarship links

Media Department Scholarship Sites
Orewa College
Karamu High School

Media Ownership

An overview of media ownership in New Zealand
A more in depth look at media ownership in New Zealand
Media ownership - global

Web 2.0 and internet related stuff
What is Web 2.0?

Links to Web 2.0 related sites

New Media panel discussion with NZ media industry people

Online Videos Go Mainstream

Research on Social Network Sites

History of a Medium
Media History Project – including a timeline of Media developments

The History of film page

The American movie business today

Adventures in Cybersound – Technology and Society: Related essays (film, radio, TV, internet, communications, media – you name it!)

NZ on Screen (digital repository for NZ film and TV - also has some interviews with media people)

Conference papers from the Journalism organisation – mostly about Print and News

Putting Content before Delivery: a Digital Dilemma
A key theme of this paper is that the development of quality content in the news and current affairs areas has fallen behind the quality and range of development in digital delivery.

Digital broadcasting - a double edge sword in protecting children from disturbing news content
Read this if you are doing violence in the media

Media and Society
Media Reform Quotes
Fabulous quotes about the media and using the media to create democracy. Compare these quotes with those on the following site!

Media Quotes – a collection of comments on the state of entertainment
NOTE: this is a bunch of quotes from people about the BAD effects of the media – it is very one-sided and on the whole is a media bashing frenzy. It could be good for a devil’s advocate discussion about how Audience negotiate their own meanings from text. This site also contains some very negative media facts

World Electronic Media Forum 2 (2005) – download the report, on the left of the homepage.
Includes focused discussions on the role of the electronic media in the digital age. With a global context and focusing on equity

Media Lens is a site created as “our response to the unwillingness, or inability, of the mainstream media to tell the truth about the real causes and extent of many of the problems facing us, such as human rights abuses, poverty, pollution and climate change”
Go to the about page for a more detailed rationale that’s bound to engender some interesting discussion.

For those of you doing the NZ film Industry – this link is about sustainable futures for the industry (with a great links page). It also has a link to a case study about Wa$ted (for you telly types!

These links are courtesy of Milton Henry at Selwyn College


What is the state of the News Media in New Zealand?

Media Watch Audio Streams http://admin.radionz.co.nz/nr/programmes/mediawatch

The Future of Media Regulation – is there one? Russell Brown and Stephen Price http://www.bsa.govt.nz/publications/BSA-FutureOfMediaRegulation.pdf

Report on the 2006 State of the News Media in America: http://www.stateofthemedia.org

Conference Paper “The Empowering Effect of Ethics” Annabel Schuler http://www.jeanz.org.nz/Conference%202003%20Annabel%20Schuler.htm

Scoop Article “Mourning the Loss of Objectivity” F. Al-Atraqchi http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/HL0212/S00124.htm

New Zealand Press Council Annual Report, 2001 “What is News” http://www.presscouncil.org.nz/articles/AR_what_is_news_ex.htm