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This page has been created so that teachers and students can upload their video products and view other people's product. If you are a member of this wiki you can write constructive comments below each video. I've given it some thought, and have decided to include student video here that has copyright music on it. Legally we can use these examples for educational purposes. I strongly believe, however, that we should be encouraging our students to produce video with copyright free music and images, so they can be shown beyond the classroom and educational spaces such as this. I have given the film grade only when the film has been moderated externally and the grade confirmed. Beyond that, the purpose is to share these videos and get discussion going between teachers and students about what constitutes a good example of student video in a number of genres.

If you can't see the video at school it is because the school will need to unblock Teacher tube and You tube . Email me if you need support to get the school to do that. deborah.thompson@auckland.ac.nz

PLEASE contribute your films here. You'll need to get the relevant permissions from the students before you load the video. If you have had your films moderated this year include the grades.

The first example is a 'shooting noddy' news item called 'Rate My Teacher' (no prizes for guessing what it's about!). It was made by students at Onehunga High School in Auckland for level 2 90765 and was given an excellence. This grade was confirmed by external moderation in 2007.
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This is a great little video called 'Revenge' made in 2007 by a year 12 student at Karamu High Schol. It won best screenplay and best cinematography in the CUT competition in 2007 and includes some ka mau te wehi (o for awesome) animation.

Students at Botany Downs Secondary College made the two following films - the first is a documentary made this year by Year 13 students and the second a horror trailer made by the same students in Yr 12 - both films made for NCEA assessment.

The next film is an animation called 'Me and plasticine' made by a Yr 12 student at Hamilton Girls - Tegan Hall - this film was a finalist in the id360 film comp at the start of this year

This quirky little film 'No Kiwi Restaurants' won the id360 comp. It was made by some Year 13 boys from Onehunga High School. I love it!!! You can watch more id360 comp videos here.

Year 12 students at Western Springs College made this short film, 'Make it snappy' last year.

Year 12 students at Waikato Diocesan made this music video to the song 'Dance With My Father'. They did manage to rope their teacher in for some pretty ham acting! However, this video has been viewed nearly 45,000 times on YouTube and has 51 comments. The power of an authentic audience is incredible and I notice that there was a reply from the student who created this film to one of the comments and it was left only 4 days ago and yet it is nearly a full year since the video was created.
Note that the school does not recommend or encourage students to post videos to YouTube. These students sought permission from all involved at the beginning of production to post the completed film to YouTube.
The video was edited on Final Cut Express.

Here's two level 2 90765 films from Karamu College moderated as excellence

This short film was externally moderated at an excellence level three.