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Sharing video on-line

In order to put video content on this wiki (or any blog or wiki that you make), you'll need to put it on-line first. Two of the most common places to do this are You tube and Teacher tube, but there are lots of other sharing sites. This site has more information if you're interested.

We do of course have to be aware of issues of privacy and copyright. I'm suggesting that we put our videos on Teacher tube, which is for educational purposes. You can also upload support material here in a number of formats (e.g word, pdf, ppt etc). You can also keep your student work private if you wish. This wiki is also protected, only members can add to and change content.

You'll need to join Teacher tube or You Tube which is pretty straightforward.

Uploading your video is also easy (a push of a button), but you'll need to save your video first on your computer as any of these formats avi, mpeg, mp4 (preferred), wmv. It's really important to compress them for the web or they'll be too big too load. You can do that in your editing programme. I'm currently learning more about compression and will update instructions on doing this as I learn more - or if YOU know, please add your thoughts here!!!! If you need more instructions on uploading video to You tube you can find them here. The instructions give some good hints on tagging your video (giving it a searchable topic name) and giving your video a good description. You can find a wee video about uploading to Teacher tube here. Annoying voice but good instructions!

Once your video is on-line you can share it here:
In order to share your video here you need to copy the html from your video on Teacher tube/You tube to paste in our wiki so we can see the video. This is called 'embedding' the video.
Here's an example from You tube. The code is in the box underneath the embed and starts <object width. If you are using You tube you must do the following: BEFORE you copy the code click on the customise button above it and choose 'Don't include related videos' or you will get random videos attached to the end of your video (the content of which could be dodgy!)

So - copy the code from your video and go to this site.

You'll need to join this wiki and be logged in. Please put your films on the Student video examples page.

Next click on EDIT THIS PAGE. You will see the editing bar. Add a comment about the film. Then follow these steps:
STEP 1 click on embed widget

STEP 3 click on video widget (or other html)

STEP 3 insert the html


Please add anything I've forgotten, or questions you have here. You'll need to join this wiki first (have I said that already??)