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DRAFT MATRIX: Attention all Media Studies teachers:

As you will be aware NAME have the contract to align the Media Studies standards to the New Zealand Curriculum. The work of the writing panel, up until this point, has been to create a draft matrix. We would now like some feedback and indication of support before going ahead and writing the draft standards.
Please note you will have the opportunity for full consultation in March 2009. The panel would appreciate feedback by the 30th November to inform the next writing stage.
You can access the matrix along with supporting documents and an explanation of the subject alignment process and progress here.

This wikispace has been set up to enable NZ Media Teachers to have a collaborative space to share ideas, resources, student work in fact any thing that seems relevant for teaching Media Studies to New Zealand students. You'll need to become a wiki member in order to add your own contributions. You can find out how to join and be a contributor here. Click notify me (above) to get notification when new content appears on this wiki.

One of the purposes of this wiki is to show you how to make your own wiki and use Web 2.0 tools in your media classroom. If you'd like to make your own wiki and it will be used exclusively for education, you can begin your own ad-free, private Wikispace by registering at http://www.wikispaces.com/t/x/teachers
If you need more information on starting your own wiki take a look at the wiki workshop page which has all sorts of information about how to set up a wiki.

If you are looking at this wiki at school, in order to maximise the full potential of the content, you'll need to have access to the following sites, from which material is fed to this site:
Teacher tube, Voice Thread, Bubble Share,You tube. Email me if you need support to get the school to do that. deborah.thompson@auckland.ac.nz

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